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Are you struggling with an ongoing health issue? Do you spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about the issue you're chronically dealing with? Are you concerned that OTC and Rx drugs & their ensuing side effects are the only answer for you? Do you tend to avoid social situations because you have to spend so much time preparing to go out? Do you know deep down that life is meant to be better than this?  It’s tough. I get it. I was there too.

Maybe you’re tired of paying for new appointments & new solutions that don’t work or, even worse, are causing your body harm. If you are anything like the way I was with my chronic skin issue, you’re tired of caking on make-up and covering up with clothing. Maybe you're tired of hiding yourself.

Would you be open to a guide to help you learn about natural solutions that will address the root cause of your issue? A guide to help you develop a simple and effective self-care routine... and, a solution that doesn’t break the bank?

You’re in the right place. That’s exactly what I offer.

I’m Ashley Zupan, and my passion is giving you the exact plan & products your body needs to feel better from the inside out & outside in.  It’s time to feel & reveal your radiant health.

why i do what i do

My Passion for

Essential Oils

I’m a true Midwest girl at heart & genuinely value relationships. Due to my obsession with skiing, hiking & rich coffee, I headed West after graduating with honors from the University of Notre Dame. The beautiful mountains, sparkling waters & dazzling baristas of the Pacific Northwest spoke to my soul.

After a decade or so of mortgage banking & city life, I met my sweet soulmate of a husband. Two grand surprises (ahem, bambinos) later we left the city for a quiet island outside of Seattle. When we’re not combatting blackberry vines, we love to beachcomb, hug trees (you gotta try this), go on meandering walks & hikes, hang with our fur-babies & drive our tween & teen to their sports! Any other part-time taxi drivers out there?!

Most of my professional career was in mortgage lending. I loved building my own business and developing long term relationships with clients. The six figure income didn’t hurt either. However, I often felt unfulfilled, like I wasn't fully using my gifts and honoring my passions. I actually kind of dreaded my job some days, which I knew wasn't serving anyone & was leading to burnout. I grew tired of fighting within the bureaucratic financial system to get my clients’ what they needed and deserved. I longed for a career that aligned with my soul’s deeper calling & that lit me up from within. But, I wasn’t sure how to break into my dream field of health and wellness without having to give up my income. Retirement savings, college education funds, charitable giving, travel funds, mortgages, & daily living expenses were my shared responsibility and reality. I wasn’t sure how to change course without sinking my family's finances.

This is where sayings like “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and “a blessing in disguise” come to life for me. You see, when my kiddos were in their very first years of life & I was running my mortgage business, I got sick. I developed rashes on my entire upper body. These vicious red splotches specialized on my face. I tried everything to fix this. After a long, frustrating search, serendipity stepped in, & I followed an “ad” to a natural solutions class in my community. Perhaps something like what drew you into reading this story right now.

The "blessing in disguise" was two-fold. Not only did these natural solutions offer a REAL solution for my skin (hallelujah!) I also found a pathway to a career in health and wellness that I longed for. I knew that if these products helped me, they could help others, too.

With sheer glee, I shared the benefits I was experiencing with others - first friends and family. Once again, real results. Happy campers. I then shared with strangers and when they found great results, I found myself “in business.”

Given my undeniable positive results, I learned as much as possible about why & how these essential oils and botanicals worked so well. I pursued an in-depth Aromatherapy Certification through Jimm Harrison’s coursework offered via Bastyr University. I also certified through the Tisserand Institute in Aromatherapy. Additionally, to develop my health coaching, I followed my heart’s calling and was certified in Somatic Life Coaching and Trauma-Informed Breathwork facilitation through Samantha Skelly’s program called Pause. Most recently, I certified through the Social Selling Leadership School to help my team & clients grow their own wellness businesses with ease.

I've found during my 10 years in business as a Health & Business Coach that it's most effective and sustainable to use a holistic approach (mind, body, and spirit) to reach personal goals.

In keeping with my lifelong interest in holistic healthcare, I eventually was financially able to leave the mortgage business. I now focus my full professional energy on a heart-centered business in holistic healthcare. I get to empower people, like you, to bring holistic healthcare into their own homes. We can be healers in our own homes with tools that work.

I teach people how to get these life-changing, affordable products and essential oils at my cost which is below wholesale pricing. I love teaching my customers how to use these products to get results and to support healthy lifestyle practices. Sometimes we are in so much pain, it's hard to know where to begin. It's amazing how Nature has the answer to unlock our bodies' healing.

I hope you reach out to me to start your journey with natural solutions & essential oils. You can be in the driver’s seat of your healing process and get back to optimal health. I'd love to work with you. It'd be my privilege and honor.  This is such a fun way to pursue health and feel great in your own body.

work with me!

My Essential Oil Business

I get to work with an incredible group of individuals! We support each other, collaborate together, create with one another, and we have a lot of fun doing it all! The best part of all is that we each have created freedom in our lives and in our income. dōTERRA is an incredible opportunity that can change lives! Not only in health, but in wealth!

I love mentoring people, like me, who desire to own and operate their own business. If you are interested in your own holistic healthcare business, I invite you to explore that with me. It is so rewarding. 

This is a fun and enjoyable way to be in business and provide value to others.

always be learning!

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